Truly Great Coffee

Here at HOME Coffee House we like to serve you the best cup of coffee we possibly can. Want to know how we do it? Here are our three secrets to delicious coffee.


So you have to start with the beans themselves. We care about where and how our beans are made so we buy our coffee from one of the best suppliers around - Monmouth Coffee Company. Working closely with the farmers who grow and roast their coffee, Monmouth prioritises building relationships with their growers and exporters. This ensures quality as well as helping them understand the challenges the farms face. They’re all about sustainable and fair trade. Just how we like our coffee.

Truly Great Coffee


The second key to a good cup of coffee is the coffee machine itself.  At HOME we use a La Marzocco Linea (sounds fancy right?). It’s a bit of an icon in the coffee world and is regarded as one the best coffee machines out there.  Along with our Mazzer Robur grinder (which sounds like it could also be a Swedish popstar) it helps us keep our coffee tasting consistent.


Despite what you might think the perfect cup of coffee shouldn’t be burning hot but perfectly heated to keep in all the flavours. This is where our last ingredient to make a great coffee comes in - the milk. To make sure we get our milk just right the key is heating the it to 64 degrees (we’ve done our research!), any higher than this and the milk starts to lose its sweetness.


So there are the three ways we try and make the ‘perfect’ cup every time. Whether you like a classic americano or a skinny single shot decaf caramel latte is more your thing, come and make yourself at HOME.

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